TowerKlean® Performance Guarantee

TowerKlean LLC guarantees that the TowerKlean will reduce the formation of scale and biofouling in cooling tower systems provided the TowerKlean system is operated and maintained in accordance with the written instructions. This guarantee is applicable to the original system owner and is expressly voided if the owner fails to operate or maintain the system according to instructions or fails to send water samples to TowerKlean LLC as described in the TowerKlean® Water Testing Program.

Should the TowerKlean System fail to perform as stated, within one year from the date of shipment, TowerKlean LLC shall, at its option, repair, modify or replace the system or refund the original purchase price. In the case of refund, the customer will return the system, freight prepaid, to TowerKlean LLC, in good condition. Damage due to misuse, abuse or neglect will not be the responsibility of TowerKlean LLC, and all costs to restore the system to good condition will be born by the customer.

Oils, greases, and chemicals will foul the media if present. The owner is responsible to insure that these materials are not present. Should fouling occur, it is the owners responsibility to clean or replace the media at the owners expense, according to instructions. Finally, the TowerKlean system will not address scales formed due to high levels of soluble silica, such as those that might be experienced in arid, desert climates and these deposits are not covered by the guarantee. The only way in which silica scale can be prevented is through blowdown or more frequent backwashing. TowerKlean LLC will perform a no charge silica analysis to determine the extent of the problem prior to purchase of the system.

Periodic maintenance of the TowerKlean System is required to insure that all components remain functional. Because water supplies vary from location to location, the life of the media cannot be accurately predicted. It is necessary to replace the media from time to time to insure proper performance.

Damage of any equipment or components not a part of the TowerKlean System provided by TowerKlean LLC are specifically excluded as is any maintenance time or lost production, resulting from failure of the system.

Since the use of chemicals and the condition of local water supplies are beyond our control, TowerKlean LLC is not responsible for any environmental discharge or liability resulting from the use of the system.

No other guarantees, expressed or implied, are covered in this guarantee and are expressly the responsibility of the owner.

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