TowerKlean® Series Specifications

TowerKlean® Cooling Tower Water Treatment Systems are available in four basic models, differentiated by the required one turn recirculation rate of the cooling tower reservoir: the TK20, TK40, TK2-60S, and TK2A. All TowerKlean®, self-contained cooling tower water treatment systems shall consist of the following major components: skid assembly, media reaction vessel(s), pump, motor, strainer, plumbing, valve, controls, and automatic backwashing filter assembly. Model TK2A utilizes an automatic Screen type filter, all other TowerKlean systems usilize an automatic Sand filter.

ChillerKlean systems have filtration and pumping optional, as many installations are mainstream vs. sidestream, i.e. directly in the process cooling loop.

REACTION MEDIA: The TowerKlean® System reaction chamber(s) contain the patented high purity redox media. The media is a blend of copper and zinc in a 50:50 ratio. The naturally occurring electrical potential between these dissimilar metals creates an electron exchange effecting the structure of and preventing the formation of hard scale while creating an unfavorable condition for bacterial and algae growth.

SKID ASSEMBLY: TowerKlean systems are skid mounted. Skid dimensions are specific to the system rated flow capacity and are noted in the proposal.

MEDIA REACTION VESSEL: The TowerKlean® System media reaction vessel is specifically designed to provided an up-flow pattern of the cooling tower process water allowing for the effective movement of the media bed for proper treatment of the recirculated water.

PUMP: The TowerKlean® System pumps are self-priming and consist of close grain cast and machined brass volute, impeller, and close coupled to motor, complete with a 316 stainless steel impeller shaft. The pump motor shall be TEFC.

MOTOR: The TowerKlean® System motors are double shielded and have pre-lubricated ball bearings on both ends. Motors (frame size NEMA 56C) are 60 Hz TEFC, enclosed in a heavy gauge rolled steel case, rated at a service factor of 1.15 at 40o C over ambient, UL and CAS listed. Motor options are available upon request.

STRAINER: The TowerKlean® System pump suction strainer assembly is fabricated of rejenrced fiberglass with a total capacity of 440 cubic inches and incorporate a clear lexan lid for viewing the integral cycolac strainer basket. The lid is held in place by a stainless steel band clamp and includes a gasket for positive sealing. The strainer has a 2" female threaded suction port.

PLUMBING: Plumbing on the TowerKlean® System is Schedule 80 PVC and include all fittings for a complete assembly.

VALVE: The TowerKlean® System automatic backwash tri-port electrically actuated ball valves controlled by the pressure differential switch. Valves are rated at 100% duty cycle.

CONTROLS: The TowerKlean® System three phase units will include controls integral to the automatic valving, pump and flow indicator. All three phase units shall be supplied with a control panel which will include: NEMA 3R enclosure, motor starter with thermal overload and short circuit protection, a transformer to convert supply to 24 VAC control power and flow indication unit.

FILTER VESSEL: The TowerKlean® System filter vessel is be constructed of fiberglass and designed for a maximum working pressure of 50 psi.. The working internal components are fabricated of molded cycolac and include an upper distribution system and lower collection system, hydraulically balanced for even distribution of water in filter and backwash cycle. The filter vessel is fitted with a tank drain, pressure gauge, manual air release valve, and an automatic pressure relief valve factory preset at 35 psi.

SAND FILTER MEDIA (TK20, TK40, TK2-60S): The TowerKlean®s System filter media is quartzite or silica in nature, hard, non smooth, and have a uniformity coefficient of 1.7 with a relative size of .45 to .55 mm. The media shall contain no more than 5% flat particles, or more than 1% clay, loam dust, or other foreign material. The filter media is shipped with the unit for field installation. Note: Backwash flow rate of the sand filtration unit, irrespective of water source, must be no less than 85% and greater than 100% of the filter vessel's designed maximum GPM. Backwash duration is 3 minutes.

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