A Letter from the President

This letter is a follow up to our recent conversation about ISO 14000 and TowerKlean. As we discussed at the NPE, we promote your product as one of the significant measures we have used to help Harbec Plastics be environmentally conscientious. I always tell people that we used to spend several thousand dollars a year on water treatment chemicals and that we now spend zero. I also mention the fact that now our people do not have to handle those chemicals or maintain those systems.

We are currently pursuing ISO 14000 and after our recent successful preliminary review, we hope to accomplish certification by early 2001.

Harbec has also recently purchased our second TowerKlean unit that will be used to support our co-generation project. I'll try to help in any way I can to promote your excellent product.

Bob Bechtold
President, Harbec Plastics, Inc.

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